Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj innovation Foundation (CSJMIF) is India’s pioneering Tech-Business Incubator fostering a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in Uttar Pradesh by developing an ecosystem to educate the masses about entrepreneurship, scout potential grassroot innovations, upskilling the workforce, and nurture the existing startups to make an impact by the generation of wealth, jobs, and social impact. Started in May of 2022, recognized by Govt. of UP through UP Startup Policy 2020, CSJMIF has extended its operations from the glittering skyline of Kanpur Nagar to the omnipotent rural landscape of Central UP. With its unique Hub & Spoke model CSJMIF has managed to penetrate all the districts associated with the mother Institution. It has activated more than 100 E-Cells of the CSJMU-affiliated colleges. Holding a pool of potentially innovative ideas and aspiring to become the library of innovations in this part of the country. Being a relatively new incubator, CSJMIF is aggresiveincubating sector agnostic Start-Ups. To date, 98% of the startups that CSJMIF has supported, have deployed Technology at their core. The current focus remains on trending technologies such as Electric Mobility, Smart City Tech, Clean-Tech, Health-Tech, MedTech, Deep Tech (IOT, AI, ML, Computer Vision, Robotics, Drones, Blockchain, AR/VR, Quantum computing), AgriTech, and EduTech. Having such a focus has helped CSJMIF  to engage with mentors, corporates, and investors in the same domain.

backed by formidable forces

Chhatrapati shahu ji maharaj university

Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University (CSJMU) located in one of the biggest industrial metropolises of the state of Uttar Pradesh, stands as a hallmark of higher education. Since its establishment, in 1966, the university has produced prodigies, businesses, technology, art, and cultural reforms that are revered across the nation and the globe. The university is geared to provide maximum scholastic and futuristic benefits to the members of its ecosystem by having a collaborative work approach with the scientific community, businesses, corporates, Industry, and Academia on mutually acceptable areas and terms.


  • CSJMU is one of the largest Universities in Asia with 746 Colleges affiliated with it.
  • The enlisted Alumni of CSJMU is 6.4 Million who passed since 1966- the Year of the establishment of the University.
  • The present enrolment of the University is almost half a Million.
  • The Main Campus of CSJMU is situated in the upper central part of India.
  • The Campus is spread over a sprawling Green area of 264 Acres.
  • CSJMU has a strong Incubation Centre (CSJMIF) with Startups in the areas of DeepTech, AgriTech, IT/ML/IoT, Environment, Renewable Energy, Drones, MediTech, etc.

StartIn Up (Govt. of up startup initiative)

Startin UP, a govt of UP initiative (UP Startup Policy 2020) to Promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the grassroot level, leading to employment generation and introduction of emerging technologies in niche sectors thereby contributing to the state economy and empowerment of youth.

The Policy aims to build a holistic startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the State by supporting the establishment of Tinkering Labs in Schools, E-Cells in colleges, Incubators in Institutes of higher learning, and Centers of Excellence to promote research & development in the areas of emerging technologies, etc. 

POLICY & Goals 

  1. To be among the top 3 states in the “States’ Startup Ranking” conducted by, GoI
  2. Establish/support 100 incubators, a minimum of one in each district of the State
  3. Develop minimum of one million square feet of incubation/acceleration space for startups
  4. Create an ecosystem for at least 10,000 startups in the state
  5. Establish 8 state-of-the-art Center of Excellence (CoEs)
  6. Grant in Aid of 1.5 cr (Startin UP)


CSJMIF is housed inside the lush green campus of the Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, located at the heart of Kanpur. The CSJMIF is spread across 20,000 sq ft offering office space,  co-working area, maker’s lab and other amenities.

Key highlights include:

  • 114 seats with flexible space – cubicles, rooms, open space, hop-on desks
  • 4 Furnished work cabins (4 to 12 seater)
  • Plug and Play facility to start your work in No-time
  • 1 Conference room, 70 people Seminar Room, 1 Meeting Room, 1 Discussion Room, 1000 capacity Auditorium, Rapid Prototyping Lab, Skill Hub (Skill Development Centre), Cafeteria, access to CSJMU facilities, and other amenities.
  • 100% power backup
  • HVAC and room purifiers
  • High bandwidth Internet connectivity
  • Business facilitation (Printing & Photocopier, Video Conferencing, Central Library, Health Centre, etc. )
  • Ample free parking spaces for 2 and 4 wheelers
  • Access to CSJMU labs: Computer, IT, Electronics, Mechanics, BioTechnology, etc.
  • Corporate Access in India, USA, Dubai, France, Singapore, Mayanmar and Australia
  • Technical Support through Faculty, Subject Matter Experts, and Mentors
  • Other Services Include:
    • Reception Services
    • Security Services
    • House Keeping
    • High-powered latest desktop/laptop available for rent
    • Documentation support & facilitation (Accounts/Legal)
    • Value-Added Services: Digital Marketing, Compliance assist, No-Code Tool Credits, etc.
    • HR assistance and access to a pool of Interns

support & benefits

  • Mentors: to refine Ideas, vet the Business plan, and help to create strategies
  • Investment Support: Seed fund support provided up to 20-25 Lakh on a case-merit basis
  • Investor Match-making: Enabling meetups with Angels, Venture Capitalists, HNIs, Corporate Investors, Industry veterans and Partners
  • Corporate R&D handshaking: Provide projects to technology start-ups to co-create, run pilots, products, and services.
  • GST Exemption: for 3 years from the date of incubation (<50L turnover) and no GST on Incubation charges.
  • Accelerator Program: Enhance your chances of success by removing costly strategic mistakes.
  • Investors knowing the start-ups over extended periods, de-risk their investment
  • Value Partnerships: Over 20 partners providing value services to our incubated start-ups on-demand at a discounted cost
  • Learning and Networking Events: Learn from industry professionals, other startup experiences, and ecosystem partners in the events and meetings we organize


To create and foster student-centric entrepreneurial endeavours for practical application of knowledge and creating employment and enhanced quality of life. To help young entrepreneurs convert ideas and innovations into revenue generating products. To promote large scale employment generation amongst youth of UTTAR PRADESH.


CSJM University aims to promote technology, science, and management based entrepreneurships among its students and faculties and thereby facilitate practical application of knowledge for the development of demand based ideas and innovations that benefit the society. With this goal, CSJM University has based its Student Start-Up Promotion Policy to promote amongst its largest student body and academic fraternity a spirit of Start up and Make in India. The University will incubate at most 10 companies at a time. One financial year can have at most 5 new companies incubated.

Faculty members at CSJM University are continuously engaged in knowledge generation and dissemination. A large number of R&D activities are being carried out by faculty members and students in several cutting-edge science and technology areas. Through the Faculty Start-Up Promotion Policy, CSJM University aims to translate these research outcomes into commercial products, benefiting the society in general. The faculty start-ups will get various incentives and benefits at every stage of the incubation process. These incentives include, but are not limited to financial aid, patent filing cost reimbursement, etc.